Message from Ambassador of Sri Lanka for Thailand, Bangkok

On behalf of the Embassy of Sri Lanka I have the great pleasure of felicitating the Thai- Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce (TSLCC) in Bangkok for the launching of its ‘electronic window’.
The TSLCC marks another important step in revitalizing Thai-Sri Lanka business and economic partnership. It will provide institutional support for a growing and comprehensive framework of business activities between the two countries. The Chamber and its founding members should be complimented for their commitment and for projecting the TSLCC to the Bangkok-based, as well as, Sri Lanka-based business communites.

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
I have no doubt that the Chamber will play a constructive and creative role in providing support and creating awareness necessary to realize the challenging trade & investment targets set by the two countries.

This institutional step comes in the wake of important high level visits last year and this year, through which no less than six ground-breaking Agreements have been proposed between the two countries in the fields of Agriculture, Standards, Information & Computer Technology, Investment Promotion, Preferential Trade arrangements and Mutual Legal Assistance. The timing of this new venture could not have been better. The launching of this website at this juncture, therefore adds a vital new technology dimension to the Chamber’s efforts. The site will provide the necessary links in Bangkok and in Sri Lanka, further widening the data base at the disposal of those who want to do business with the two countries.

I would like to congratulate the Chamber and wish their endeavours all success.

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